Manage Your Entire Budget

With every new year comes a new budget for your company. Stop your manual work with calculators and excel sheets and work with CRM to manage your entire budget and watch the company grow.

Advantages Of Budget Management Tools

Expense Tracker

Expense Tracking

This tool can track all the expenses for the organization, this data can help in better forecasting the expenses for the next quarter. One can track the expenses with filters on various factors like location, item, promotion, advertising, region, in order to study the impact of expenses for each of these factors.


Claim/Contest Tracking

In this tool, we have a claim section which can track all the distributor expenses for advertising or promotion of the products in their region. There is a contest for the prospects of high-end products, these products location and final dispatch can be tracked for acknowledgement.


Budget Foresight

Detect the discontinuous change at an early stage, interpret the consequences and inform the future course of action to ensure the company's success. Based on all reporting data from the tool, one carry out data analysis and perform regression analysis to better forecast the data in the future contracts.

Use Case

graphical representation of budget tracking

Budget Tracking

Plan and control the business finance with in budget to achieve common goals. Track and prioritize your spending to focus on cash flow to improvise the profits and increase return of investment with CRM.

vender insight

Vendor Insight

Deliver customers the right product at the right time with vendor management in CRM. Set realistic deadlines, track their activities, evaluate their performance, and ensure the payments are done at right time in a single user friendly software.

expense insight

Expense Insight

Get a quick view of your business spending with automated expense reports in the CRM. Drive your business to reach greater heights in a powerful way and drill down your expenses data with reports on your dashboard.

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