Tools for your Solar Business

Businesses are striving to increase their productivity, reduce downtime, increase efficacy amongst the employees and this was possible with the usage of Solar CRM software tool.

Advantages Of SolarCRM Tools

sales tracking

Sales Tracking

This tool can visualize the sales funnel and inform the company on the areas which require focus for conversion of an enquiry from lead to final client. Grasp your sales channel and optimize the sales process Increase your conversion rate making your customers permanent deals.

project tracking

Project Tracking

Manage project progress in terms of income, resources, manpower allocation. Track your workforce and handle their tasks at your fingertips by integrating the sales tracking software in CRM and mobile application. Manage your inventory and vendors for better sales operation and achieve higher efficiency.

business insight

Business Insight

Helps one manage workforce, income and inventory. It tracks project tasks and this update is sent directly to customer, management of inventory is carried out in this part. One can track project cost and observe the margin in the project. Customer sign off, customer feedback and review possible using this module.

Use Case

hierarchy of lead generation

Lead Generation

Solar CRM is everything you need to Increase the rate of conversion of leads to deals. Track all the information about your leads in a single place, increase the sales volume and drive your business to reach greater heights.

graphical representation of workforce and inventory

Manage Workforce And Inventory

Gear up your performance with right tools for workforce management. Increase sales, manage orders and warehouse, track your sales with Solar CRM. Plan your project and assign roles to each member of the team to accelerate your business.

artificial intelligence graph

Artificial Intelligence

The tool is very helpful in managing the data for future analysis of all the key measurable activities within the organization. Managers can have insight on the trends for the sales, projects in one click.

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