Tell your money where to go instead of worrying where it went

Revamp your business growth with real-time business insights and automatic budget updates.

Budget tracking

Plan and control the business finance with budget to achieve common goals. Track and prioritize your spending to focus on cash flow to improvise the profits and increase return of investment with CRM.

expense tracker

Expense tracker

Make the yearly budget, pay proper attention to decide who will be involved and assign accordingly. The budget reports let you know the status of your business and the returns gained at each stage.


Invoice and MRF

Let your customer know every detail of the product they have chosen. CRM allows you to create an invoice which has the product type and price details prior the shipment of the goods or services.

promotion and advertising

Promotion and advertising

Gone are those days where you use separate emails for advertising and promoting your products. CRM is a strategy to advertise your products and services with one to one customer communication tailored.

Vendor insight

Deliver customers the right product at the right time with vendor management in CRM. Set realistic deadlines, track their activities, evaluate their performance, and ensure the payments are done at right at time all in a single user friendly software.



Keep all your distributors connected with customers including projects, customer records, orders etc. Every distributor has a user portal to view and manage his activities. .


Loan management

Give away your products to the customers for a loan and the rest of the management is done by the CRM with its custom modules. Every task is automated right from loan creation, sending email notification for the loaned product to getting it back with the payment.



Create and manage contests and manage the giveaways with every detail stored and maintained in the CRM. Acknowledge the winner with customized pdf layout along with the won product details.

Expense insight

Get a quick view of your business spending with automated expense reports in the CRM. Drive your business to reach greater heights in a powerful way and drill down your expense data with reports on your dashboard.

customization reports

Customized reports

Generate a summarized report of your business to compare the budgeted amounts with actual expenses and revenue activity. CRM lets you specify the period of time you wish to view the reports- daily/monthly/quarterly or yearly basis.

customized tracking

Customized tracking

Track all your activities be it email, contacts, sales process or appointments. Customers are the base for business growth and their satisfaction is the key role to success. The GPS tracking facility in the CRM lets you watch every activity at your fingertips.

expence per region

Expense per region

The reports let you know in detail the expense amount spent by the company at a particular region along with the product details.

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