Tools For Your Helpdesk

A customer is the heart of any business and basis of a company’s growth and success. Keep in touch with the customers and ensure their queries are resolved in a single point of contact. CRM Doctor help businesses provide personalized customer support facility.

Advantages Of Helpdesk Tools

ticket lable

Ticket Labeling

Resolve any issue within moments with CRM’s powerful ticketing features. Create your own labels and use them to organize the tickets into categories for better searchability and improved organization.



Know your data better on your dashboard through reports collected based on area, timings or issues of the tickets. Create your custom reports using the benchmarks you wish to order and view and export or import reports from the CRM.

voice tracking

Voice Tracking

All your queries are recorded and tracked based on the priority and resolved at the earliest. CRM Doctor is a one stop solution for call logging, call recordings and maintain millions of tickets.

Use Case

graphical representation of ticket management

Ticket Management

CRM Doctor is shared inbox for your entire customer queries. Be it any query, the team has the complete details of your journey and is always ready to provide the best customer support.



Customer analysis gives you a clear picture whether you are at the right path or not. Explore the data and understand what the customer really wants and analyze your business health with the timely reports.

graphical representation of call tracking

Call Tracking

Ensure quick ticket resolve with unlimited call recordings and ticket analysis. CRM Doctor guarantees you that all your calls are highly protected with best quality recordings.

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