Radiate with high-voltage integrations

CRM is a streamlined fit for all your business activities from calculation based on wattage to sales tracking, e billing and installation

Lead Generation

Solar CRM is everything you need to Increase the rate of conversion of leads to deals. Track all the information about your leads in a single place, increase the sales volume and drive your business to reach greater heights.

b to b leads convert into crm to respective

B2B leads convert into CRM to respective user

It’s no more a mess to manually manage the leads, as CRM will automate this process. With CRM now you can automate the capturing of B2B leads and auto assign them to the team with pre-defined workflow rules you define

responsive web and mobile

Respective user gets notified on web and mobile

Revamp your business with role management software and assign different roles to your team. With mobile CRM, track your activities and get notified with the alerts on web and mobile application with just a click.

follow up lead

Follow up leads

Track your activities in a nutshell, right from lead to deal conversion up to dealing with sales. Now automatically publish emails, quotes, sales orders to the lead and nurture to become a promising deal. Now watch the flow of the process on the dashboard and know the tasks completed by the sales representatives.

Manage workforce and inventory

Gear up your performance with right tools for workforce management. Increase sales, manage orders, warehouse, track your sales with Solar CRM. Plan your project and assign roles to each member of the team to accelerate your business.

track project tasks

Track project tasks

Solar CRM’s project management tool allows you track the entire information at one central place and automatically sends update to the customer keeping the process transparent.

inventory management

Inventory management

Know your warehouse better with solar CRM and keep track of all the products to achieve higher stock accuracy. Check and manage stock level within seconds and synchronize the data making it accessible anywhere, anytime!

project cost and profit

Track project cost and profit margin

Watch your business grow with the reports and analytics on the dashboard of the CRM. The charts and reports based on a real-time data gives you a clear picture of the status of the project. Automatically track the project cost by integrating various modules and compare actual project cost with planned cost in one click.

customer feedback and review

Customer sign off and customer feedback and review

The digital signature facility in the CRM helps you to sign off any document sitting at any place. Customer feedback is the base to make the business to reach greater heights. The software acts as a bridge between a customer and the sales to make the business ahead of the pack.

Artificial Intelligence

The tool is very helpful in managing the data for future analysis of all the key measurable activities within the organization. Managers can have insight on the trends for the sales, projects in one click.

revenue details

Revenue details

As the project progress, track your future revenues with solar CRM. Best way to increase your customers in by communicating. Maintain the relationship with user-friendly CRM and make them the permanent ones for your business. The sales order and purchase order integration helps you ease the task to improve the total revenue.

profit status

Profit status

Better the cost management, lesser the budget overrun! The solar CRM comes with the detailed project status reports to analyze the data and profit. The tool allows you to access the information on various pre-defined dimensions to know the project’s financial impact.

customer feedback and improvement

Customer reviews and feedback and improvement

No business is complete without customer feedback! The software provides a feedback form to the client after the completion of the project to Improve products and services. Know the customer’s actual experience about the product and work towards more perfection.

task force management

Task force management

The task reports are one easy way to understand the amount of time spent by an employee on a particular task and also know it status. It can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and evaluate the efficient participants.

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