Data Mining

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Data Mining

In this digital era, every business looks for opportunities to expand its customer base so that it can achieve a better competitive edge in the marketplace. In business, data mining is considered as one of the most important analysis of historical business activities in order to reveal hidden patterns and business trends. Most businesses use data mining to perform market analysis, identify new market product bundles, discover the root cause of manufacturing problems, acquire new customers, perform cross selling to existing customers, profile customers with much more accuracy and for many other reasons. Data mining refers to the process of analyzing data to find hidden patterns using technologies such as OLAP, data cubes, pivot tables and advanced algorithms such as Microsoft clustering. Once the accurate information is attained, the most common analytical tools help the businesses to get proper insights on decision making. Biztechnosys offers data analytics services for a wide array of industries including both small and medium sized ventures.

data mining

Huge volume and complex data is analyzed to extract the most relevant and optimum data from the raw data. The new extracted data helps the businesses in acquiring new customers, retaining the existing customers and also enhance its profit scalability. Biztechnosys data mining solutions are incorporated to support business owners in collating relevant information with regard to their potential customers, competitors, products and many more.

Biztechnosys approach to data mining

Firstly our team of experienced data miners understands the requirements for which we need to mine the data. For doing so, we speak with the customers and understand his or her requirements, the problem that he or she wants us to resolve. After successfully understanding our customer’s requirements, we immediately start gathering the data. In case if we are not given the data files directly then we might have to make API calls to the given end points by our customer. Afterwards, our team gathers all data files and depending upon our customer’s problems that he or she has stated, we start deciding on what could be the most relevant data according to our customer’s requirements.

After collecting the complete raw data our team of experts starts cleaning the data. We perform the following steps for cleaning the entire data which involves –

  • Removal of Incorrect - Manual Removal, Filtering, Feature Selection, Regularizing the Data, K fold validation, Clustering
  • Picking up Missing Values - For identifying missing values we go through the entire data manually and might have to ignore a few rows if they contain missing values. Finding missing values again depend on the type of data given to us by our customer and also decide what we need to decide mine within the given data.
  • After finding the missing values if any of our team handles outliers if any present in the data. Grouping the data if at all required.
  • The last step in data cleaning involves removing duplicates from the given data to give it a final touch and make it more authentic.

Now the data cleaning process is completed, we again need to see what data is needed and what data is provided to us by our customer. The whole feature selection depends on what we select as specific features from the given data. This tendency helps in reducing the dimensionality of data and that’s how we get rid of the unwanted features. Next, our team gets the data into right forms in order to correctly apply the data modelling algorithms. Applying data modelling algorithms can be done by using the methods and techniques like a) Regression techniques where we find relation between the given data b) Prediction c) MapReduce d) Data Sampling e) Link analysis of data f) Social network analysis of data g) Recommendation systems h) Clustering of data.

Biztechnosys data mining services

When you outsource data mining services to Biztechnosys, our team of professional data analysts will help you unveil the previously unknown valuable customer information which can assist you in making powerful decisions for your business and also empower you to identify new opportunities for your business.

Biztechnosys offers an all-inclusive and vigorous portfolio of data mining services, which are specifically aimed at helping you in obtaining critical information from reliable sources, get updated customer data. Streamline operations and get latest business trends information.

Backed by a committed and experienced team of data miners, Team Biztechnosys has the required expertise to support you in converting a huge amount of complex data into a more relevant sack of information that will definitely help you make strategic business decisions by identifying new and latest opportunities.

Our team holds extensive experience in data mining across industry verticals and niches including academic and market research, real estate, marketing, human resources etc.

Our data mining analysts work as an extension to the customer’s in house team in order to analyze the length and breadth of their business and develop techniques that align with their business requirements. Our data miners help your businesses in analyzing its data.

Our data miners mine the customer’s existing databases to gather the most crucial data pertaining to client’s business, competitors and customers. We help our customers in identifying their hidden business patterns that facilitate an efficient decision making process.

We collate our customer’s client contact details including names, email addresses, postal addresses etc. their buying behaviors, purchase histories and many more.

After collection of all the relevant information our experienced data miners create customer profiles and segment them depending upon their buying history, demographics, geographies and many other factors.

We then clean and standardize the collected raw data and deliver the updated and accurate content to you in a suitable file format depending upon your business requirements.

Our experienced data analysts also validate the complete information to make sure that it is error free and authentic.

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Through our data mining solutions, team at Biztechnosys helps you gain valuable insights and utilize the information to target the right set of customers and boosts the company’s performance.