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What do you mean by heat mapping??

With plenty of web analytic tools available in the marketplace, it becomes quite difficult to determine exactly which web analytical tools will work best for your type of business organization. Among some of the most common web analytical tools, there is one famous tool named heat mapping which basically helps in tracking the actual time spend by people looking at, clicking on or scrolling through various different areas on you website which is available online. Heat mapping provides a highly visual method of analyzing your website which will assist or help you get a clearer picture of your entire customer traffic information. Heat mapping uses several different strategies in order to display a far better user interaction with your website with the help of a color coded system. It basically highlights the areas of the page that has received the most amount of attention by the visitors. A heat map is basically a two dimensional representation of your data in which values is represented by color. Heat map focuses on providing an immediate visual summary of your information. In case of more complex data sets, there are elaborate heat maps that allow the viewers to understand that complex data in a much simple manner. There are different ways to display heat maps and all of them share one thing in common which is that they all use color to communicate relationships between data values which would become much harder to understand if presented numerically in a spreadsheet.

heat mapping

How heatmap actually works?

In modern times, marketers can measure about everything from the customer’s browsing history data and provide an unprecedented ability to gauge the performance of the marketing campaigns. Sometimes, we can get highly obsessed with the metrics because it feels good to see such hike but these metrics might fail to provide the required insights that our business needs in terms of clicks and views. A high dose of traffic can display your headline quality if you are a blogger but it will fail to portray the whole story regarding the path your visitors take on your vlog or how exactly they engage with the page. Fortunately, there is a data valuation tool that can manifest which sections of your content generate the most engagement and which section does not. This particular tool is called heat maps which can arm you with data and insights needed to optimize your website copy, user experience and of course the conversion rate optimization to their fullest potential.

Heatmap basically works by collecting the data from a web page. Heatmap uses a dark to light color range to showcase which content of the web page is clicked more or which area gets more attention on your website. Let’s say, the area where visitors click the most gets a dark color and the area where the viewers give no attention gets a light color. As it is understandable, we represent heat as a dark red color which is a warm color whereas blue represent cool light intensity therefore, a heat map uses the color pattern. This is also a reason why we call it heatmap.

Get help from our experts

Biztechnosys is one of the leading software consulting companies in the IT industry. We have a team of highly professional, skilled and experienced developers and analysts. Our team of experts can help you analyze your customer’s data and produce valuable insights so that you can make optimum use of the data and increase your conversion rate. Biztechnosys heat mapping services predominantly include–

We respect your privacy-

  • We concentrate more in the area of privacy for our users. No cookie sniffing, no key logging and no ip address logging. Therefore, we don’t have access to your data once our job is done which means that we do not have anything to sell to third parties. With biztechnosys, you can feel entirely safe in terms of data privacy.

Simple to install and use -

  • Installing heatmap can be a daunting task but not anymore because biztechnosys provides you a one-step solution where you just add out simple javascript tag and you are ready to go. Our tag performs with all browsers, ajax navigation, fixed elements etc. handles displaying differences between users and is configurable in case if required.

Constant support -

  • Our team is available 24*7 to support you in case you don’t find anything valuable. If you see something that doesn’t feel to work for your business you can immediately file a trouble ticket or contact our support.

Our services do not end here. You can get in touch with our team to further discuss your concern. Don’t worry! Biztechnosys has got you covered in all the technical aspects .

Different types of heatmaps

There are various different types of heat maps, some of them include –

Click mapping - Click mapping mainly displays where the visitors are most likely to click while reading a page on your website. It basically is a graphic representation of the areas of your website where visitors click. Click mapping also lets you to track visitor’s activity on your page and look which images, buttons, text or page elements they click on. Also it shows the areas of your website that are being ignored by the visitors.

Scroll maps as the name suggests show some of the basic information about your website scrolling like how much information is available on your page without scrolling, how far visitors scroll before leaving the page and which all sections of the page are the most visited ones. Therefore, with the help of scroll maps, you get an overall idea about how far visitors scroll down a page on your website. Scroll maps can mainly be assembled on desktop, mobile, tablet and different colors are used to showcase the most and least viewed sections of a page starting from hot representing the popular ones to cold representing the unpopular ones.

Confetti maps generally show about the clicks from multiple segments of viewers like from where these clicks are coming or from which referral source segment. Confetti maps help you to know which referral source provides you the most relevant users who are more likely to get converted into potential customers of the organization. A different color dot is used in confetti maps for every referral segment. For example, different countries will be represented with the help of different colors so that viewers get a clear understanding of their data.

Attention mapping mainly uses the customer’s browsing data history with full consideration of the horizontal and vertical scrolling activity, in order to display which part of the page has received the most amount of visitor’s attention.

Hover mapping also known as mouse movement tracking shows you areas where visitors have hovered over a page with their mouse cursor. The idea behind hover mapping is that people tend to look where they hover and this ultimately shows how users read a web page.

Ready To Get Started?

Your heat map basically helps you to determine the direction your website needs to go, how people view your website and what are the necessary changes you need to implement to make the most out of every customer’s experience. Heat map’s highly visual nature makes it easy to interpret with absolutely no need to consult an analyst to understand what a series of numbers mean for your business organization. The most important part of heat mapping is doing something with the derived data to make your website even better for the visitors so that you efficiently reach your conversion goals.