Azure Cloud Environment Management

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Azure Cloud Development

Our Azure Cloud Capability can help you effortlessly develop, manage and upgrade Apps on Azure Cloud. Microsoft Azure offers a host of integrated cloud services including analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web. We help you utilize these efficiencies, flexibility and power by using Azure’s pre-built templates, managed services, to quickly develop highly scalable and adaptable apps for you. Apps that make it easier to manage and upgrade. We specialise in providing Azure Micro Service, Container Services, and Logicaps services. We provide guidance and support on developing effective Apps using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. We are experienced in developing Apps from scratch in MS Azure Cloud Environment.From Setting up a Development Lab to migrating Apps to Azure to monitoring you CMS system, Our Microsoft Cloud Capability ensures all.

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Microsoft Cloud offers a Cloud Computing Platform and infrastructure known as Azure. We provide support for Microsoft cloud (Azure) for building, deploying and managing services. We provide support for all cloud services for both Microsoft managed and Microsoft partner hosted data centers.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Environment Management

10 years back, companies used to store everything offline by hosting websites on their on-premise servers and adding more servers whenever required. But, many a time’s companies used to face various constraints with this kind of setup such as

  • The setup will be a lot expensive.
  • Servers will remain trivial most of the time.
  • Every machine is bound to fail one day, after a point maintenance and repair of these many servers become a mundane task.

To handle such problems the term cloud computing came into existence. With cloud computing all such problems were solved in an effective and seamless manner. Microsoft Azure is one of the giant cloud computing platform created by Microsoft which is primarily used by developers and IT professionals to build, deploy and manage applications.

How Azure can help in conducting smooth business operations

No Need For Heavy Investment - As Azure cuts out the high cost of hardware, the users’ just need to pay as they use because Azure follows a subscription based revenue model.

Low Operational Cost - Azure has low operational cost because it runs on its own servers which make the cloud functional and bug-free.

Cost Effective - Azure is very cost effective where there is absolutely no need to hire a tech support team to monitor. Everything is in build.

Easy Back Up and Recovery options - Azure keeps backup of all your valuable data. In problematic situations, users can recover entire data with a single click without affecting the day to day business operations.

Easy to implement - Microsoft Azure solution is very easy to implement according to your business model. Azure also provides various tutorials to help new users in learning and smooth installment of Azure.

Better Security - Azure provides best security compared to local servers. The data on Azure is completely protected through two-tier authentication and hand geometry biometric readers.

Work from anywhere - Azure gives you the complete authority to work from anywhere and everywhere without any interruption. All it requires a network connection and credentials. Also, Azure cloud services enables mobile apps facilities so that users are not just restricted to which device they operate to access the information.

Enhanced collaboration - With Azure, teams can access, edit and share documents anytime anywhere. Another major advantage of Azure is that it protects records of activity and data. Timestamps are one excellent example of Azure’s record keeping. Timestamps improve team collaboration by bringing transparency and accountability in the business.

Why choose Azure as your Cloud Partner?

Azure offers integrated tools, pre-build templates and managed services making it easier to get more work done quickly

Azure supports a broad range of technologies (Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Frameworks Tools, Databases, etc.)

Azure allows you to integrate your current Data Center with the Azure Cloud

Azure offers you the 'Scale and Pay as you Grow' flexibility so you can scale up and down to match your demand

Azure offers highest security per ISO 27018. Stringently ensures to meet rigorous compliance requirements of U.S. public agencies.

Azure’s offers predictive analytics services such as Machine Learning, Cortana Analytics, Stream Analytics, etc.

Azure is trusted by over 65% of the fortune 500 companies.

Microsoft Azure presents two deployment models for cloud resources

Where each Azure resource (virtual machine, SQL database, etc.) is controlled individually.

Where users can create groups of related services so that closely matched resources can be deployed, managed and monitored together.

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Here at Biztechnosys we deliver unprejudiced guidance on best-fit managed cloud solutions to enterprises around the globe. We go beyond simple migration support with multi-cloud managed services, test, development, application development, better business processes to enable true digital transformation and ensure great customer experience. Our team of professionals ensures direct communication with the client to understand their requirements in order to enhance our productivity and deliver optimum solution to the client. Contact us - Biztechnosys team for a stable and reliable Microsoft Azure deployment for your higher margin business.