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Boost your cross platform user experience with sitecore headless CMS

Whenever we talk about a powerful and sturdy digital customer experience platform, we always look for a CMS that evolves according to the customer’s expectations as well as the cutting edge technologies. Sitecore as a software company never fails to amaze its customers. It addresses the gaps which the traditional CMS couldn’t forsee. For example, mostly clients demand access to Sitecore content in the structure of a RESTful service due to its simplicity.This makes Sitecore the center of the entire digital ecosystem, as it focuses on supplying content on not just one platform but many other platforms such as single page applications, web applications as well as native mobile applications using JSS. Sitecore has never failed to recognize true market needs and accordingly launched the new Sitecore versions and Sitecore tools build with all kind of required functionalities and features emphasizing more onto what their customers’ demands and successively help them to instantly cope up with the current market trend and advanced technologies.

sitecore headless cms service

A basic understanding of headless CMS

In a Headless CMS the front end or head of the CMS is usually detached from the back end or the body of the CMS. The back end is mainly responsible for creating, managing as well as making content accessible via an API for display on any device. Therefore, a Headless CMS emphasizes completely on the administrative interface, workflows, collaboration and delivery of the content. It doesn’t distress itself with presentation layers, templates, site structure or design. Headless CMS delivers content through an API to different types of applications, fundamentally delivering unlimited alternatives for implementing new applications. In a way headless CMS can be considered as a great initiative that fits best in situations where you publish or edit content and wants it to get consumed by several other channels like on websites and web apps or in native mobile apps etc. simultaneously. It can essentially enhance the product information on e-commerce sites.

Flexibility – efficiency – optimization – 3 key ingredients

It is not wrong when we say that Sitecore CMS has the longest history as well as experience when it comes to “Headless”. By enabling multiple options, it allows marketers and developers to select a framework which is most suitable to the task and the teams involved. Hence, providing complete flexibility to the marketers and developers it helps the organization to enhance its productivity. Sitecore Headless CMS helps the developers to create, edit and publish content as and when required and the same content will get consumed simultaneously by all the other channels supported by the organization helping the organization in increasing its state of being more efficient in the eyes of its customers.

The entire process in Sitecore Headless CMS extensively contributes in lowering down the time and efforts of the developers so that the overall performance and productivity in the organization gets improved by enhancing back-end (API) and front-end implementations. There are multiple ways to produce headless solutions powered by Sitecore including Sitecore Services Client Web API, Sitecore Experience Accelerator and Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS).

Sitecore experience accelerator - sitecore services client – sitecore javascript services (JSS)

Sitecore experience accelerator

The Sitecore Experience Accelerator also known as SXA focuses on reducing the time to market by allowing content teams to design assemble and deploy web content across channels with minimal development resources.

Sitecore services client

In 2014, Sitecore introduced Sitecore Services Client to deliver a service layer on both the server and the customer side of Sitecore applications through Sitecore REST API, SPEAK applications and Customer-side JavaScript, where it didn’t serve personalization and front-end developers.

Sitecore javascript services (JSS)

Sitecore introduced Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) in Sitecore version 9. Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) is an absolute SDK for JavaScript developers allowing them to build fully developed modern solutions using Sitecore as well as JavaScript UI libraries and frameworks shutting the gap between back end and front end developers. Also, being entirely disconnected during CMS development it allows to deploy to any other platform in a headless configuration protecting all the relevant experience platform capabilities including Experience Editor, Personalization and Tacking/Analytics. Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) will provide the required flexibility to the front-end developers while building sites so that they can use any tools without any limitations of back end structures and conventions.

Major Highlights of Sitecore Experience Platform 9.1

Sitecore Cortex -In 9.1, it offers content tagging to improve SEO results and ROI, suggested recommendations to take the guesswork out of testing and optimization.

Universal Tracker -In 9.1, a micro-service-based tracking service is enabled to track actions from new channels. The universal tracker will track interactions in real time on any application such as a mobile app whether the device is online or offline.

Sitecore Omni –It enlarges Sitecore headless capabilities which come with an SDK for JavaScript developers. Right from templating, workflow to personalization, optimization and analytics can be managed from single connected platform. Sitecore Omni provides individual experiences connected and disconnected to any platform with complete power of Sitecore Experience Cloud.

What makes sitecore the best healdless cms in the marketplace?

Preview of content - Sitecore Headless CMS allows marketers to preview the content before it gets published on different customer-facing platforms. It even permits marketers to live edit the content making them aware on the status of how the content would appear in front of their prospective customers.

The Sitecore Headless CMS allows you to centralize all your marketing content in the same spot and lets you overcome any irregularity in the core message and also avoid duplication of content.

The Sitecore Headless CMS creates a balanced working environment for both marketers and developers. Being a marketer, you can make use of features like WYSIWYG editing, inline editing as well as content previews in Sitecore Headless CMS.

One of the main benefits of Sitecore Headless capacities is that you can integrate a wide range of apps and platforms. It also allows you to integrate the CMS to your own custom built system without any discrepancies.

You get the flexibility to do inline editing, insert media using Sitecore’s Digital Asset Management. You can also use features like content blocks, presentation elements, web forms etc.

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