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When Was The Last Time Your Website Had A Health Check Up?

With every new launch, Sitecore continues to enhance its digital marketing offerings and user experiences compared to its pervious version. It is always recommended to have an experienced digital partner who can help you get these features up and running smoothly. A healthy Sitecore website requires regular health check-ups. If you don’t have a Sitecore developer ordinarily monitoring your site, your business may end up with an ailing website no one wants to visit. Any mistaken click of the button, screen or any other difficulty can collapse the desired and well-intended purchase by the customer.

Biztechnosys is a Certified Sitecore professional that specializes in improving website health. We will examine your company’s website and complete a health assessment in order to identify security and performance risks your website may be facing.

sitecore health check up service

We provide Health Check services for any of your Sitecore applications that have slowed down due to overload or lack of maintenance, to speed up their processing and response time.

Once given temporary access to your Sitecore portal, our Certified Sitecore team will:

  • Analyze the need for version upgrades
  • Discover potential errors in both logging and coding
  • Determine the urgency level of errors identified
  • Review security strengths and weaknesses
  • Establish areas of potential improvements
  • Benchmark web page performance

The final health assessment deliverable will contain written documentation as well as over-the-phone or face-to-face recommendations. We aim to provide incomparable, risk-free health checkups for your Sitecore website.

A solution to all your problems - Sitecore Health Check Up Service

We run through your website and look at the challenges and difficulties you are facing. Accordingly we tailor a programme which best fit you needs. Our health checkup includes different elements that together cover the entire Sitecore platform:

Stability Analysis - A deep review of the underlying architecture which ensures a setup that matches your business needs. Our customers get recommendations within sitecore latest upgrades, server setup, licenses, module integrations and so on.

Improves your online presence and make sure you rank high in search results. Sitecore ecommerce spins every interaction into a transaction with personalized offers across the customer’s journey.

A detailed evaluation of the underlying code and we tend to provide best-practice suggestions accordingly

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