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Time To Retain Your Customers Through Sitecore Mobile SDK for Xamarin– With Biztechnosys

Take a minute and imagine the world we were living in a decade ago. Facebook was still battling with MySpace for traffic, Amazon was mainly known for selling books, iPhone was just released and many more.

Back in those days, the way consumer shopped various products and services was drastically different from the way they shop today. Everything right from their taste, preferences and behavior has changed significantly. Back then when most of us still trusted B&M stores, we didn’t have price comparison services, we didn’t have as many choices as we have today.

sitecore mobile app development

Smartphones Are The New Personal Computers

Brands are now experiencing a change in the buying behavior of their customers. Earlier, it used to be a propagation of various digital touchpoints, mostly led by the web; now it is all an omnichannel journey – all led by mobile. A recent study states that on an average 87% of the customers are retained by companies who have the strongest strategies for Omni-channel customer engagement. In a recent survey it was revealed that more than 70% purchase decisions made by customers involved mobile as one of the main engagement channels.

With this change in customer buying behavior, it is clear that brands need to greatly focus on including Mobile as part of their customer journey mapping. Observing this change, Sitecore enterprises are also gearing up to build Mobile apps. Any mistaken click of the button, screen or any other difficulty can lead to collapse the desired and well-intended purchase by the customer. If your business is on digital platform but its User Interface (UI) is not mobile-centric, then you are surely on the edge of losing your customers.

Don’t Worry – Biztechnosys offers modern edge Sitecore mobile SDK for Xamarin solutions that help businesses in faster adaptability, quick undertaking in the level of functionality and a complete package. Our team is completely prepared to deliver on the promise of both the mobile web as well as mobile apps on a Sitecore technology stack.

How Sitecore Mobile App solution functions for customers?

The structure permits developers to rapidly develop applications using their existing .NET development skill sets. The customers access content through multiple channels which also include mobile apps. Sitecore Mobile App Solution tracks all the activities and captures insights from all the customer touchpoint channels in a single database. This further creates a single customer profile relevant for all the channels. This is how it serves your customers with personalized content across channels based on your customers’ journey.

Sitecore Mobile App Solution – Key Benefits

Sitecore Mobile App solution collects mobile information like geolocation or proximity, which can be used to add greater context to the customer’s experience.

Using Sitecore Mobile App Solution, you can engage with your customers using mobile push notifications that can be personalized based on their location and activities assessed on previous channels.

Easily integrate with both the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) and the Sitecore Web Experience Manager (WXM).

It performs as a single source of content for the website, mobile web, and mobile apps.

Controls your mobile application’s content directly from within Sitecore.

Provides the base to write once and utilize ‘n’ number of times.

Offers automated testing facilities on the Xamarin test cloud.

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