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We offer customized CRM implementation to give a clear view of sales funnel, campaign efforts, post sales customer support.

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Strengthen business using VTiger CRM solution

True to the ask of any business Customer first is the principle to abide by and Customer Relationship Management does just that by breaking down the organizational silos and help companies become customer-centric, CRM in every form increases revenue and creates a seamless customer experience. Regardless of the size of the business, be it small scale or a big customer base; CRM strategic tools provide a sophisticated set of features which when embedded creates a value add for your organization. Thus acting as a central repository, CRM encompasses sales force and support functions where direct customer interactions are involved.

vitger crm development

VTiger is one such CRM platform that is a one-stop-shop for all customer engagements. Be it a sales CRM, marketing CRM, a support CRM, VTiger has tailored solutions to address business needs. A simple and easy-to-use CRM tool in the Open Source paradigm for enterprises that look for structured management. It enables powerful collaboration between various stakeholders, keeping them informed with time. To name a few of its advantages it aids strong sales automation capabilities, email marketing functionality, file, and CRM documentation, invoicing, customer portal, workflow analysis, inventory management, task and activity management, reporting insights, project management, etc. This can as well be made cloud-based, enabling to be accessed from anywhere.

We help in custom module development as well as templates needed for handling huge customer database. Taking a step further, we also help create a mobile app on android and iPhone so that this could be made handy. We as well provide technical support to the customers for whom we have hosted the portal or helped in website creation as a part of maintenance services. Extending its services, at Biztechnosys we have our highly experienced team who provide best-in-class training on VTiger, be it on its installation/logins or feature education, and finally its usage. We also have recorded the VTiger CRM tutorial to share with the audience with a request for rollout.

In a nutshell, VTiger is indeed an all-in-one solution that would empower business personnel to take wise decisions backed up with solid data. And Biztechnosys is an expert means to help you explore options, streamline your necessities, channelize it into a single solution, and finally host the services on to the VTiger user-friendly platform. With this you know, where to land to get on board with your customer handles.

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