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Mobile applications are prevailing in the current market and for a business to make the right impression on its clients it is utmost important for an entrepreneur to incorporate the business with latest developments and trends. Apps that operate efficiently and meet the latest requirements of mobile scalability are the ones that business demands these days. A mobile app is a great way to instantly connect with your customers’ right in their pocket. We at biztechnosys, cater all your custom requirements regarding mobile app development by exploring the best possible digital solution for you. We are committed to help our clients shaping their dream mobile application into a functional reality. Our mobile app development experts are here to create affordable digital solutions in both iOS and android apps for mobile phones, tablets, android devices and web.

vtiger mobile app development

We provide a customized mobile application for open source VTiger CRM. We help the clients in customizing the app with their company logo so that they get a feel of their mobile application and also provide this as their own app to their employees or partners exclusively designed for their business. Our team of experts also develops additional enhancements to the current mobile application as per your demands. Our mobile developers are glad to share their knowledge and expertise. They can advise you on the important aspects you need to consider while choosing the framework for your application. Interested in creating a mobile application for your business? For a Simplest, Fastest and Reliable platform to design the best VTiger CRM mobile app for your business - Contact Biztechnosys!

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  • Mobile Application Development and many more.

VTiger CRM Mobile Apps – A glimpse

The best thing about VTiger CRM is customization as per the client’s requirements. There is rarely any downtime or maintenance problem with VTiger CRM. One of the outstanding features of VTiger CRM is its Kanban View which helps the users to review their projects, opportunities or leads in a card – based view. Live chat option is also available for the users. The mobile application of VTiger CRM enables clients’ to collaborate with their team effectively, view or modify records when offline, locate contact or organization on maps, check – in to their onsite meetings and many other great advantages with an agenda to simplify their experience with VTiger CRM.

What It Brings - Compatibility

It is seemingly obvious that a businessman cannot sit in front of its personal computer all day long just to keep an eye on what’s happening in the CRM of the business. To recognize the value of your customers and to capitalize on improved relations it is advisable to become more responsive to your customer’s needs and requirements. Every team member in the office is liable to perform certain tasks assigned to them and therefore do not get enough time to religiously observe instant updates in their personal computer and might slip a chance of getting a lead. Therefore, the fact that how crucial CRM is for a business to sustain and grow we all wish to have a handy tool to manage our business relations while we are on the go and cannot access our computer.

What if you get the feasibility to have a quick look on your Vtiger CRM right from your mobile phone without approaching your laptop or personal computer? With the latest VTiger open source mobile apps you can now check the recent activity incurred by your clients or the fluctuation in the price of a product and many other things just at a click on your mobile phone at any time and place. Thus, the decision to build a mobile application is mainly about increasing and improving your business and VTiger Mobile apps are the best solution in the current scenario.

See summaries of today's calendar and tasks

See recent comments, notifications and reminders

Quickly view, edit or create most CRM records

Automatically log mobile calls in contact records (Android)

Organize important information at top with list views

Quickly scan business cards

Access records offline

Get special mobile alerts

Some of the popular mobile applications which support VTiger CRM are mentioned below –

A stable version. Enable sales team tracking (GPS). Enable push notifications on mobile devices. Check In / Check out meeting with location. Live Tracking of Users. Map view of Leads / Contacts. Instant call logging.

See summaries of today's calendar and tasks. See recent comments, notifications and reminders. Quickly view, edit or create most CRM records. Automatically log mobile calls in contact records(Android). Get special mobile alerts. Access records offline.

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