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Improve Your Business Processes – Migrate Data to Vtiger CRM

Increasing demands of the industry often lead companies to pick a new and enhanced CRM vendor leaving behind the older CRM. Even though choosing a new CRM system looks enticing but any impetuous decision can lead to significant scalability problems for the business in the future. To guarantee the success of the new CRM system, it is important for the client to understand and acknowledge the important of Data Migration. Therefore, if you are coming from a completely different CRM solution then it’s the right choice for you to opt for VTiger CRM system. VTiger CRM offers a free successful migration service for customers who want to migrate from any open source CRM to one of Vtiger’s cloud editions (Sales, Helpdesk and VTiger one). Vtiger CRM is considered as one of the top rated CRM systems available in the market for your business. The supported Vtiger open source versions are higher than Vtiger CRM 5.0 + .

data migration to vtiger

Vtiger CRM data migration particularly include Module’s data (such as accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, campaigns, products, tickets, FAQs, service contracts, assets, vendors, price books, events, projects, calendar (tasks), Custom picklist values, Custom fields, Fields mapping, Emails, Comments, Documents, Attachments (Based on the input data). All linkages between objects will be transferred as they were in the source CRM including actual files like documents and attachments, activities, tasks emails etc. If there are any custom objects that can also be transferred in the new VTiger cloud.

Allow biztechnosys to make the transition flawless

Biztechnosys has developed a comprehensive set of technologies and policies to keep your business data fully secure. Data security is the top priority for us. Biztechnosys team helps you to upgrade your open source account to cloud account within the specified time frame. Our VTiger CRM Data Migration experts will transfer the required data including all the standard, custom records and all the necessary linkages with zero discrepancies. We can migrate contacts, vendors, sales, quotes and invoice data with fields from your current hosting server to VTiger CRM. Whether you choose a Do It Yourself experience and real time results of VTiger cloud migration wizard or a more personalized migration with our On – Demand solutions, everything will be done your way. Biztechnosys is your one stop migration service provider for VTiger CRM.

Data migration is done in three different phases which are discussed below -

Phase-1 Complete data verification. Tables, columns in tables and values are thoroughly checked and validated.

Phase-2 Post-migration validation process. Multiple tests are executed to ensure that the information is migrated accurately. Also, includes evaluation by the client to ensure entire data has been successfully migrated.

Phase-3 This step includes use of migration scripts in database deployments because it is not advisable to change a script once it has been run successfully. The same set of migration scripts should be run in every server environment where the deployment is happening.

Timeframe and factors affecting migration

The number of days required for a successful migration from open source to on demand ranges from 2 – 3 days. Following facts tend to influence the migration time period:

  • Size of the database
  • The data present in the database
  • Custom information stored in the database
  • Missing tables, corrupted tables, misplaced values and columns should be organized before migration

The number of days required for a successful migration from other CRM to VTiger cloud CRM ranges from 2-3 weeks. Following facts tend to influence the migration time period:

  • Picklist values
  • Relations
  • Number of custom fields
  • Size of the database

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