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Best mobile app development for suiteCRM

SuiteCRM undoubtedly is an amazing enterprise ready open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. In the recent times, SuiteCRM has been made responsive on mobile phones and tablets as well for version 7.2 & above in order to allow the CRM to become more adaptable, accessible on multiple channels so that it successfully manages to provide a phenomenal customer centric experience. With SuiteCRM mobile, each and every user can have access to the SuiteCRM platform from anywhere and everywhere resulting in increased productivity and efficiency in the organization. Also, SuiteCRM mobile app gives the required freedom to the team members working in different departments of an organization to work and collaborate from anywhere and everywhere, also witness the team’s productivity and efficiency achieving great heights.

suitecrm mobile app development

Making the most of mobile device capabilities, this SuiteCRM app will make sure that you can manage and edit your CRM data anytime and anywhere. 3 ways we see in which a SuiteCRM mobile app can benefit your business and improve ROI.

  • Increase User Adoption
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Third-Party Integration

SuiteCRM Mobile App development has its extensions which come in the form of mobile apps or web browsers through which all work is done from the field. You can have a Suite CRM Android app or iOS app or develop an HTML5 browser for the purpose. However, the choice being numerous we will keep you informed about the important ones!

SuiteCRM mobile app development can be over Android, iOS or Windows. You have to follow the BYOD trend and currently Android is the most used OS followed by iOS. So you can come back to us with your requirements regarding platform usage and features.We will just do the needful! Enterprise apps don’t have to be fancy like consumer apps because their use is only limited to professional aspects. So only think about your business objectives and how mobile capabilities will be able to achieve them. Based on your analysis include the features that will help you support your business as well keeping it simple and ease to use. We from Biztechnosys, guide you through the step by step process of Suite CRM Mobile App Installation, development and customize your Suite CRM for Mobile users.

Interesting fact about suitecrm mobile app development

The sad part is that SuiteCRM does not have its own native mobile application for both Android and iOS users which definitely limits the user control and accessibility alternatives for the customers. However, Biztechnosys has got you covered and with our team of experienced and committed SuiteCRM developers as well as our dedicated mobile development team we deliver high quality native mobile applications for SuiteCRM solution to our clients.

Our team at Biztechnosys provides the native mobile application with custom views, custom workflows and responsive design. Our native mobile application for SuiteCRM will be designed and customized exclusively for our clients based on their requirements which will also allow them to use different offline functionalities so that our valuable clients do not miss out on any important information related to the business anytime anywhere.

Biztechnosys custom suitecrm mobile app development

The SuiteCRM API is highly secured by the OAuth 2 Server provided in SuiteCRM.

Biztechnosys custom SuiteCRM mobile app development will allow the users to stay on top of all their SuiteCRM requirements at all times.

Our services for customized SuiteCRM mobile app are available for both SuiteCRM Android development and SuiteCRM iOS development.

Our SuiteCRM mobile app allows your organization helps to manage records, create accounts, track contacts and leads through mobile phones.

We help our clients to take out all the important data when it is needed and create a long lasting impression in front of their prospects and clients.

SuiteCRM API version 8 reveals a set of resources to be absorbed by clients who want to get equipped with the powerful CRM functionality provided by SuiteCRM.

Our CRM practices are comprised of team members having substantial amount of industry experience in customization, implementation, development, migration and integration services with third party APIs.

The API framework engages in a restful design to facilitate the JSON API 1.0 standard messages over HTTPS. It incorporates meta objects to deliver functionality which has not been defined in the JSON API 1.0 standard so far.

At Biztechnosys, we deliver comprehensive SuiteCRM mobile app development services with best industry practices combined with latest technology standards in order to achieve the business vision, mission and action plans within the stipulated time period along with optimal performance.

SuiteCRM mobile app discrete features

Our wide array of SuiteCRM mobile app services mainly include -

This crucial feature allows the team members to keep a track on checkin, checkout of the meeting, calls, tasks etc. Hence it gives a real time overview. Also this feature enables to edit notes, attach important files as well as voice notes related to the meetings.

As mentioned earlier our SuiteCRM mobile app allow our users to make relevant changes even when they are offline and then sync the entire data updates immediately whenever they go online or their device gets connected to the internet. Therefore, even if the user does not have access to the internet he/she still can contribute by being offline.

Now with the help of ‘Nearby Search’ feature, user can locate the prospective customers and CRM records within their space. It searches contacts or accounts that are close to your current location through GPS. This particular feature is also capable in providing an overview of travel time and weather forecast.

Using SuiteCRM mobile app you can send all the reports, documents, invoices, etc. in the email to your prospective clients right from your mobile phone. It helps you to access leads and close sales within minutes.

Users get alerts as well as notifications for overdue activities which basically mean that if incase some tasks are pending in your CRM from a long time and you have been procrastinating the work then you will get alerts as soon as you log in to our SuiteCRM mobile app.

Users can now view all the activities including history of meetings, calls, emails etc. right from their dashboard in our custom SuiteCRM mobile app. Users can also track and keep an eye on everything they are or have been doing throughout the week as well as month.

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