SuiteCRM Version Upgrade

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Upgrade your suiteCRMto enjoy its latest features

SuiteCRM is an enterprise ready open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. It is one of the world’s best known open source CRM and for all the right reasons. It is considered as the most powerful, sturdy, easy to use and fully customizable CRM with multiple different extensions and integrations. SuiteCRM is the best alternative to Salesforce which is high on demand in the industry market currently. It provides all the benefits and advantages of an over the top CRM at substantially lower costs with complete freedom to customize your CRM and flexibility of open source.

suitecrm version upgrade

Upgrading your suiteCRM

If you already have an earlier version of SuiteCRM installed in your system and just want to upgrade to the latest version of SuiteCRM to enjoy its newly launched features then you just have to go through a very simple and smooth procedure. The SuiteCRM version upgrade can be performed in two different ways –

  • Using the upgrade wizard directly from the SuiteCRM interface
  • Upgrade from command line also known as silent upgrade

Be more compatible during the version upgrade process

SuiteCRM runs on a variety of different cross platform operating systems, web servers, databases and PHP versions. It supports many browsers too. Therefore prior to the process of SuiteCRM version upgrade you must build a compatibility matrix including different web servers, operating systems, databases and PHP versions in order to smoothen out the entire procedure of SuiteCRM version upgradation.

Operating Systems for SuiteCRM-

  • Windows: SuiteCRM runs on any OS that runs PHP
  • Linux: SuiteCRM runs on any OS that runs PHP
  • Mac: SuiteCRM runs on any OS that runs PHP

Databases supported by SuiteCRM –

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MariaDB

Web Servers for SuiteCRM –

  • Apache
  • Microsoft IIS

Browsers for SuiteCRM -

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge
  • Safari

SuiteCRM browser support is not just limited only to the above mentioned list of browsers. Many other browsers also work properly even if they are not officially supported.

Using the upgrade wizard

Log into your SuiteCRM instance so that you can use the upgrade wizard

Here at this point, Biztechnosys always recommends that you run the upgrade process on a copy of your production system and not on the original production system.

That way there will be minimal chance of losing your data or sudden occurrence of any kind of inconvenience.

The Upgrade Wizard provides an easy and quick way to upgrade to the latest version of the SuiteCRM application.

New version includes new features as well as new functionalities that help increasing the efficiency and productivity of an organization.

Upgrade wizard includes critical upgrade logic as well as the SQL commands required to upgrade your application to the latest version.

Ensure that the config.php file for your installation, located in the SuiteCRM root directory, is writable, prior to making use of the Upgrade Wizard.

It is always suggested that manual upgrades by file replacements and running the upgrade SQL are not supported through upgrade wizard.

Upgrade wizard includes critical upgrade logic as well as the SQL commands required to upgrade your application to the latest version.

Upgrade from command line

When you are using silent upgrade approach in order to upgrade your existing version you need to download the required upgrade pack and keep it in the folder with the installed system. From the folder with the installed system, you have to run a command filling in all the necessary details and you are all set to mark your presence with the latest features in your SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM version 7.10 – what’s new?

SuiteCRM 7.10 comprises a longlist of features as well as enhancements, increased user experience, adding new functionality and providing a new REST API. This edition of SuiteCRM also helps companies to get ready for GDPR, including opt-in functionality to track the consent of individuals. This edition of SuiteCRM is all about being more powerful, sturdy and reliable application. It delivers actionable insights into customers, uplift conversions, helps increase sales, reinforce customer care and well organized business operations.

Major highlights – suiteCRMversion 7.10

Latest slimmed down SuiteCRM design providing more screen space for all kinds of crucial business information. You can now pick from a wide variety of color schemes that best fit your business requirements. You can also choose between themes of dawn, day, dusk, night etc.

A latest feature introduced to help CRM users with the GDPR legislation. This feature, when activated permits the CRM with the capacity to provide its customers’ a double opt in process. The web to person will automatically sends the confirmation opt in email when this feature is enabled.

A fresh Rest API (v8) using the popular JSONAPI specifications. The v8 API reflects the prior API functionality so that the API functionality is not lost.

  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Improved Alerts Functionality
  • Improved Password Management
  • Fail2Ban Logging Integration
  • New Suite of Unit Tests
  • New Suite of Unit Tests
  • Improved Email Performance
  • Email Fixes and More!

Ready to get started?

Whether you are installing SuiteCRM for the first time or you already have an earlier version of SuiteCRM installed and just want to upgrade your instance then Biztechnosys is always there to help your out! Connect with our team of expert SuiteCRM developers for a smooth and reliable version upgrade process of your SuiteCRM.