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Umbraco Adoption And Integration

We can integrate any third-party application into Umbraco. Including any complex external data and services from a custom-built application or a business logic, both can be embedded into Umbraco. And the icing on the cake there are thousands of easy-to-use Umbraco plug-in features and functionalities which its developed APIs give out, that any customer site can be designed to fit the needs. The most primary thing that we need to understand while integration is the exact type of data that’s available on the application. Once that is sorted, the developer starts the application coding. Now being the time to integrate, we start sketching out the interactive interfaces in Visual Studio. Content editor shall now check the template structure which could get on the Umbraco platform. We can then define services that are testable and integrate them into Umbraco.

umbraco cms development

Thus, by facilitating bi-directional communication between Umbraco and your application, we can merge any custom solution with the Umbraco CMS. Also note this could as well be made non-dependent on each other. Additionally, we can integrate the eCommerce shopping cart platform with Umbraco for a straightforward solution. Now that we know of Umbraco CMS’s value add creation in web development, we say start building your Umbraco site today!

Umbraco CMS Web Development Solution

Today's digital marketing and content driven world, is saturated with multiple number of content management systems (CMS) which help businesses handle their content, maintain the brand image and reach the wider audience online. Exploring the breadths and depths of CMS in the E-commerce, we narrowed down on one such highly flexible CMS platform, i.e Umbraco for it offers vast possibilities. If you’re looking for a software to manage your website on a windows server and noting the options being scanty, Umbraco is your go-to application.

We can develop a highly effective and responsive website that is mobile friendly using umbraco. We also provide guidance and support in Umbraco hosting. We help in personalisation, marketing management, workflows and developing custom packages. Umbraco is an open-source ecommerce solution which is known worldwide for its astonishing services. There are more than 400000 websites powered by Umbraco CMS, right from startups to established corporations, including Sony, Vogue and many others. Umbraco CMS platform is written in C# and is built on Microsoft’s .NET framework. It is one of the most utilized CMS systems on the Microsoft stack.

What Makes Umbraco CMS Popular?

Being a cloud-based CMS platform, it has a secure, feature-packed, user-friendly approach to handling the content, that is why web developers, designers and users alike prefer it. Let us jot down some of the key benefits it gives away:

Umbraco has a vibrant support community of expert developers and IT specialists who can help with technical aspects if any.

The perfect way to search engine optimization: Umbraco web design services enables your website to be SEO friendly from day one thereby saving marketing efforts.

Responsive User Interface: Just like an HTML page, Umbraco needs no intense technical knowledge to add/modify /delete any data while embedding onto the site.

Customizable (be it any types of content or functionality via module addition is possible) as well compatible with today’s browsers and hosting platforms.

The API is simple, well documented to use development tools and gives complete access to the CMS features.

Extends multilingual feature as well

Highly scalable and future-proof

Biztechnosys Ways Of Working

We strongly believe in the customer led approach for it’s you who know your business better. We are here only to value add and build the customer base for you. With this, please be assured that Biztechnosys technical team will create a beneficial business opportunity well within your budget, time and of course ensure quality. We are definitely proud of the unique CMS solutions that we have built.

We follow step-by-step, documented human centric development process which is solely driven by you. This will help achieve a win-win to both the parties and the product gets delivered in time.

Soon when you get in touch with us, our experts will review your project delivery needs and get back within 24 hours with the gathered information and way forward suggestion.

Our team then gets completely on board with you and discuss various possibilities on web development models. Once you choose as per your needs, they will appraise you of the estimates in terms of cost and timelines.

This is the realization phase where your needs are converted on the ground, supplemented by a quality check. Please note, we will be in constant touch even during the development phase and get real-time feedback.

Final handover phase where we shall do a demo and closure as per agreement.

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