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Umbraco health check

Umbraco Health Check is a dashboard designed in the developer section of an Umbraco site. The developer side of the Umbraco back office exclusively holds a dashboard named "Health Check". This particular dashboard highlights 14 different checks which are divided into six main categories -

  • Configuration
  • Data Integrity
  • Live Environment
  • Permissions
  • Security
  • Services
umbraco health check up

It is a convenient list of checks to see if your Umbraco installation is configured according to best practices. Developers use the Umbraco Health Check dashboard to ensure that the website is configured in sequence with best practices for Umbraco. Umbraco also allows you to add your own custom built health checks in your website. This particular feature is available from Umbraco version 7.5 onwards. Umbraco provides documentations to aid the users in getting started with writing their own checks.

There are basically two methods of creating these checks which are –

Configuration Checks - Configuration checks are fast and easy to implement and they allow the developers to quickly target various QA tickets. Configuration checks also allow the developers to have a default value for settings, with an option for the administrator to fix any issues within the website. While using this particular feature, Umbraco will provide the administrator the option to re-write the setting if it doesn’t match the requirements of the clients. The feature is great and enables a more customized version to the user and also transfers most of the authority in the hands of the user. But most of the developers don’t use this feature simply because it could lead to changes being made to settings for the production site that haven’t been tested locally by the developer.

General Checks - General checks require a more enhanced setup and is completely flexible in allowing the developers to create any text of their own choice. Umbraco health checks for old versions of Umbraco mainly relied on a user accessing the developer dashboard and clicking a single button to run the entire process. The latest Umbraco versions have successfully added the benefit of scheduled health checks. This feature will allow the users of Umbraco to send an email or push health check results to a slack channel. Also, there is no need for admin interface to configure these scheduled checks. Configuring health checks to run after every deployment leads to optimum time management and helps to get rid of the manual QA task to run the checks. Scheduled health checks save a lot of time and efforts of the developer.

Biztechnosys outcome driven approach

In our outcome driven approach we consider the following steps-

Firstly the client reaches us after hearing about us from their friends or industry partners. The Umbraco health check starts with a telephonic conversation in which our technical team of Umbraco experts perceives the issues that the client is facing within its website and then gathers the required details about the Umbraco installation from the client.

After gathering the details about the Umbraco installation over the telephonic conversation, we insist our client to visit us for a detailed conversation in which our team tries to find the reasons for commissioning the health check by the client.

We also try to understand any particular areas or concerns that the client himself wants us to review and include them in the detailed report for their website.

At the end of the conversation we schedule a time for the delivery of our report. We deliver responsive customer service at an affordable price depending upon the requirements of our clients.

Finally, our technical team begins with the process of reviewing your website based on multiple factors. When complete we produce a comprehensive report highlighting the key findings from our review process.

We also advice and provide useful guidance to our clients on ways to reduce site ownership costs, costs for software and infrastructure while maintaining performance and uptime requirements.

Upon delivery of our comprehensive report, our team schedules a follow up appointment with the client to understand two important things –

  • Whether the client is really happy with our work and detailed report
  • Whether our team successfully managed to understand our client’s issues and problems related to the website or we missed anything and need to rework

We are actually interested in understanding our customers’ needs and requirements and accordingly providing a reliable, quality solution with an attitude of going an extra mile and increasing the value of our overall relationship with the client .

Why choose biztechnosys?

Our Umbraco health check service is an encyclopedic review of each and every aspect of your website including cloud-based website’s technical architecture, its hosting and any external system integrations. We are committed to provide you with a detailed report highlighting the seriousness of any issues along with some suitable recommendations for further improvements. Our technical team undertakes a robust process to complete the entire heath check of the website, depending upon any complexities or issues within the website. Our aim is to make sure that the client is making the most out of the platform advantages. Our Umbraco health check contains over 100 + tests as well as a detailed manual review by our experience and professional technical consultants.

We check solution robustness which affects the entire foundation of your Umbraco platform. We check the underlying architecture and deliver a sharp setup that matches your complete business needs and also helps you to grow your revenue in the future. What we review -

  • Any recent Umbraco upgrades needed
  • Server setup
  • Module integrations required, if any

Platform performance ensures a comprehensive and sturdy review of the underlying code and systematically reports the best practice suggestions for your website. What we review –

  • Speed test and insights
  • Caching improvements
  • Monitoring tools to reduce bug-fixing time
  • Sitemap cleanup
  • Design assessment

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