Umbraco Migration from Old to new version

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Why Should I Migrate?

Umbraco 8 is a major release which comes with multiple changes starting from it’s codebase as version 8 has got rid of a lot of legacy in order to simplify the way user work with Content Management Systems and APIs. In the improved Umbraco versions 8 codebase, it has become a lot easier to create as well as install and uninstall packages. This is a massive help and minimize workload for package developers as well as package users as it would save both their time and efforts. Also, it has introduced 3 new major features such as infinite editing, language variants and content apps which make it stand out from the crowd.

Umbraco Migration From Old to New version

First of all our audience need to understand that there is no direct path available to upgrade from Umbraco 7 to Umbraco 8, but it is possible to migrate your entire content from Umbraco 7 sites to Umbraco 8 sites. The reason why it is not possible to upgrade an Umbraco 7 site to Umbraco 8 site is because the codebase of the new version has been fundamentally updated in Umbraco 8. Plenty of outdated code and technology have been removed and new, faster and more secure technology has been implemented throughout Umbraco 8 so that the designers and developers can operate effortlessly.

All About Umbraco Version 8

Umbraco 8 is the latest version of Umbraco CMS released in February 2019. It’s the fastest and easiest version of Umbraco and a big step forward in the field of making your work with Umbraco simpler; simple to extend, simple to edit, simple to publish hence simpler to use. Umbraco version 8 is also free to download and ready to operate like all other Umbraco versions. Being a major version, in version 8 users will find a lot of "freshness"; latest features, new design, updated code syntax, advanced structure. Everything is done to improve the user experience.

Is Umbraco 7 Going To End?

The answer to this is NO. While it is not hidden that Umbraco 8 is currently in talks and utmost priority but Umbraco version 7 will also continue to work competently would be looking forward for various improvements and advancements in it in future. Umbraco partners like Biztechnosys will continue to support version 7 sites as well as version 8 sites effectively and efficiently in the upcoming period.

Our Services

We provide different services like creating E-commerce solutions for the customers, upgradation/migration to the latest version and many others by taking care of the technical part and allowing our customers to focus on their conversion rate and increase their return on investment (ROI). Team here specializes in Sitecore, Azure, Database Optimization, Application Optimization, etc. and boasts of various value added successful projects. We are an expert in migrating from Umbraco version 7 to Umbraco version 8. We can migrate Pages, Posts, SEO tags, Content images, SEO URLs, Attachments, Meta data and 301 redirects. Whether you are looking for a development team or want to choose the most appropriate platform for your project, get in touch with Biztechnosys for a positive consultation.

What makes Umbraco version 8 different from other previous Umbraco versions –

Content Apps– It enables the developers to build their own apps and make them available as Umbraco extensions, allowing better flexibility and customization for everyone involved.

If you need to add an image to support your website copy, there’s no need to get to a separate media section to make the necessary edits and to lose track of where you started. With unlimited editing feature user will stay on track and never lose the context they are originally working in.

It also allows variations of the same content to be collected in one single project without the need for work around, hacks or external plugins. It imparts the ability to choose which content variants editors want to publish.

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