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Go headless – with umbraco headless development

The Internet of Things (IoT) world is affecting at the speed of light and new devices are coming into picture faster and faster. For an organization to be able to provide a truly great experience using the functionalities of all of these new devices in the marketplace it is very crucial to have a CMS that works with its full potential and does not hold you back. By going headless you can solely concentrate on creating quality content for your users and let the designers make it fit flawlessly across all platforms and devices. This is the reason the headless technology is built for Omni-channel where a single update to the content is quickly published across all mediums.

umbraco cms headless solution

What do you mean by umbraco headless cms?

Umbraco headless CMS is a Content Management System that focuses solely on the administrative interface for content creators, handling of content workflows and configuration of content into taxonomies. Headless CMS does not support presentation layers, templates or design of a site. Headless CMS offers a simple and comfortable way to manage the complete data making use of the back office tools while at the same time making it extremely easy to consume the data in ‘n’ number of projects.

In conventional Umbraco CMS, you get a body and a head which are completely dependent on each other. The body represents the backoffice whereas the head is the presentation layer. Both body and head are connected and coupled with one another, thus when you create, edit or manage content in your backoffice i.e. in the CMS body it will be clearly shown to you in the CMS as how it looks in the front end i.e. in the CMS head. It is also considered as one of the best ways to work with a website as the connection of body and head makes it easy to preview the content and edit or manage the content in case of any change is required before publishing it on the website.

In case of Umbraco headless CMS users get to experience a complete opposite side of what they experience in the traditional CMS. In headless CMS there is no such relationship exists between the body and the head of the CMS. As the term itself says that it is a headless CMS therefore the head is completely cut off from the body. This means you can create content based on your requirements in the backoffice but you do not have the option to preview the content through the CMS before publishing it on the website.

Why go headless?

If you are creating and maintaining content only for one head (let’s say a website) then a headless CMS might not be the optimum solution for your business. But it is very important to understand that if you want to take advantage of an omni-channel CMS which allows the marketing teams to focus on different relevant areas like website traffic, lead generation, marketing campaigns etc. then you must pick Umbraco headless CMS over the conventional one.

Concentrate on quality content - You can build all your content on one platform and have it ready to be attached to ‘n’ number of heads according to your needs and demands. Umbraco headless CMS allows you to focus solely on the CMS body which means the quality of the content that you will be sharing on multiple devices like text, images and videos else everything will be handled by the headless CMS like updating the same content on multiple platforms etc. All you have to do is update it once, hit publish, the CMS will do the rest of the work on its own and update it everywhere.

Great editing experience - Assuming that back end developers prefer to use one language whereas front end developers prefer to use different language for the head, then it is possible only though headless CMS. This means that the content can be created in the language that the back end developers feel comfortable with but the same content will be shown in the language as the front end developers want it to show on different platforms or devices with zero discrepancies.

A scalable solution - Umbraco Headless CMS ensures improved scalability and security by separating the responsibilities of content creation and delivery.

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listed few key benefits of Umbraco headless CMS

If you operate on multiple heads (say website, mobile app, smartwatch, chat bots and POS screen) which requires the same content to be updated and managed for all the heads in different places at the same time then headless CMS can help you to make this long process easier and effective just by switching to Umbraco headless CMS.

It allows the front end developers to build heads for different platforms or devices and attach them all to the same body with absolutely no compatibility issues across different channels. The CMS body and head do not need to use the same platform or language to manage the content.

Headless CMS abstains from the complexity of creating relationships between code and content. Instead, it uses API calls to furnish content within the website’s codebase, making it seamless to maintain.

The detachment of backend and frontend means there will be no downtime for maintenance, thus you can upgrade and customize the website without impacting the performance due to temporary shutdown.

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