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Problem Statement

Previously our client was operating on WordPress which was performing fine but soon they realized that in order to fulfill their high end customer demands they must buckle up with the trending and advanced technology. They decided to choose sitecore system as a Telehealth Solution Provider in the USA.The implementation of the software was to be done in an aggressive timeframe to align with their larger business requirements. Due to time constraint they hired one agency which wasn’t a certified sitecore expert and engaged without any background verification.

As a result the agency ended up with an uncomplete website before the launch date causing irrecoverable loss to the company. After that the client connected to biztechnosys (A Bengaluru, India based certified sitecore agency). After complete verification and several rounds of conversation they finally hired biztechnosys to execute the plan. We were committed to our work and made sure to launch the quality application as per scheduled date.

Our Approch

Archetype Solutions Group was on board demanding various technical specifications such as Sitecore 8.2 Update 5, Telligent Community Edition, Shopify, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server. Our team of sitecore experts firstly analyzed the old wordpress application and tried to compare with the existing web application to understand the loopholes. From a technical point of view, the upgrade also required template level changes in Sitecore. Since each release of Sitecore contains multiple fixes for the most common pain points in the day-to-day operations of a Sitecore website, biztechnosys had to ensure that the transition was rapid while ensuring delivery of advanced marketing functionality such as improved analytics, customer experience outlining, segmentation, cross-channel experience delivery and advanced user interface for marketers.

Our Solution

The main goal of this lead was to provide a single point of entry for all the information published, give marketing staff the ability to keep the site updated. Biztechnosys successfully redesigned archetype’s website with the right mix of creativity and technology. As one of the most experienced Sitecore partners worldwide, biztechnosys’s ultimate goal was to quickly implement archetype’s latest website on sitecore 8.2 With upgradation to Sitecore 8.2, Archetype was not only able to restructure the website but also turn it into a successful customer engagement platform. The new site was built with customer centricity in mind irrespective of their location, device and data speeds.

Functionality Implementation

Podcast video and audio listening by users.

Book a video appointment using video call and calendar management

Implementation of sitecore template and telligent community edition..

SEO friendly canonical URL which helps in fixing all the SEO issues in future.

FAQ system (helpful to understand about menopause symptoms and related queries).

New software offers different categories for blogs where users can comment on the blogs and receive instant reply from the blog author.

Community system - Using telligent SDK archetype enable users to review multiple topics based on their queries and selection of topics.

Ease of Shopping – Health conscious users can now purchase complete health range products using shopify platform integrated with sitecore.

Benefits Offered

News and Events calendar. Menopause assessment report free of cost.

My account and Sign in/register facilities.

Allow easy addition of articles, news and event information on the website.

Personalized my appointment and my profile/my report section for individual users.

Sturdy website performance in terms of speed, responsiveness and security on web and devices

Upgradation of all the modules associated with Wordpress such as SEO, Blogs etc. to Sitecore 8.2

Its touch reciprocity and fully responsive functionality for devices provide an improved user experience

Archetype’s new sitecore website is dynamic, offers personalization for customers/prospects, improved navigation style.

Why Choose Us - Biztechnosys

Biztechnosys is a team of certified sitecore professionals and experts. From manageable upgrades and installations, to immense marketing strategies and training Biztechnosys has delivered support to a wide variety of Sitecore clients. We are here with complete sincerity and commitment to help you in selecting the right platform for your business. We rely on our technical expertise, profound knowledge on latest industry trends, quality driven model and solid business domain experience, to scale your investment.

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