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COMFOLD is a space-saving furniture brand which helps people innovate their daily living. The brand encourages people to experience comfort and freedom through its portable furniture. It allows people to both travels and lives with ease. COMFOLD creates portable and high-quality space saving concepts for daily life. The idea is to change the way people conceptualize the basic use and functionality of furnishing in daily life. Biztechnosys partnered with the COMFOLD team in creating a better-harmonized infrastructure and shifting to a better business model with BizCRM.


COMFOLD is the one of the leading furniture company with a space-saving concept.The company deals with the process like customer management, quotation management, Sales, purchase management, invoice, customer service management and E-commerce Because the company should deal with multiple modules. The existing system like paperwork or separate software, multiple modules doesn’t work here.So the company decided to revamp the CRM system across the business division so that it could manage its vast customer base across different areas like e-commerce, sales management, quotations, invoice management, inventory management and so on.

Business Challenge

The COMFOLD is leading furniture business team in Bangalore; they come up with so many requirements for their business. However, the existing system needs to improve in some key areas like Lead/Contact management, E-commerce management, Inventory management, Sales, purchase order management, Quotation/invoice management, SMS/Email Branding, workflow customizable report and so on.

Business Solution

The Biztechnosys team together worked seamlessly for an optimum IT solution for the COMFOLD. Programming and adaption of BizCRM solution for company COMFOLD which deals with managing and deploying projects. Implementations made: management of project development cycle, control of project costs, purchase orders, the dashboard for company’s costs and control of quotation and billings. The BizTechnoSys team made a detailed assessment of the business requirements and examined various options before arriving at the conceptual architecture. The options were waited in terms of ease-of-use, the speed of implementation, cost effective and industry best practices. The process where prioritized based on user needs, benefits, and technical complexity. Data was transferred in from Gmail Contacts, Constant Contact and leads will be getting from the e-commerce site and website. Inventory and services were setups, quotes, sales orders and invoices were utilized immediately. The BizCRM email marketing features included with every subscription were a suitable replacement for Constant Contact. The COMFOLD claims that the BizCRM support team was very helpful throughout the entire process including some great personal attention late in the season to automate and simplify subscription invoicing payments processing and accounts receivable collection.


Return on investment, Increase customer retention, Increase in revenue, Enhances customer service support, Provides powerful marketing tool

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