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In Edén Agua we understand the importance of your family's wellbeing and we offer you an unlimited source - of the best water quality, with the best flavor, at an affordable price - improving your lifestyle. Our modern dispensers and premium water filters bring all the houses and offices of Peru the latest technology in innovative products generating health, well-being, comfort and ecological awareness. We are committed to providing you with the best quality water with the best service

Business Challenge

Eden Agua is the leading company in selling the purifiers. In the existing system, the Eden Agua doesn’t have a system to set the reminder for the service, as the Eden Agua not able to keep the customer satisfaction. Also, different vendors supplying different products and different sales executes are doing the sale and purchase order, So the challenge is it's difficult to manage the inventory without a system. Also, the invoice and the quotation sending to the customer is really time-consuming.

Business Solution

The Eden Agua come up with Biztechnosys and sign the Contract for the solution for their business challenges. Biztechnosys come up with solutions within few days. The Solution is nothing but the BIZCRM which will allow them to Store the customer details with their product as well. Also in the system, they will be able to set the reminder for each customer for their service and other activities. BizCRM gives them the best inventory management module with sales order purchase order, vendor management likewise each and every detail will be stored in the database and it will be available any time without any lost data.


Improves the customer satisfaction by giving the proper follow-up after sales, Eden Agua is able to get the proper report for the sales and inventory,Increase in sales through SMS and Email integrations

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