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Inzinc with a richly experienced and a professional team, Inzinc Consulting India (A division of Inzinc Products and Services) offers to consult for various standards of ISO such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 22000, HACCP etc. to help their clients implement the respective Management System that can help achieve their organizational goals. Apart from ISO Consulting services, Inzinc offers customized Management Consultancy Services in India where we leverage our own skills, knowledge, best industry practices and experience to support all their clients, which enables businesses to improve their bottom line, reduce cost and save time.

Business Challenge

Inzinc consulting India offers to consult for various standards. Once the certification has provided for any customers it has the validity and with the existing system, there is no way to remember each customer and their existing system does not have a proper way to give the quotation for leads and invoice for the customers. Inzinc was getting very less leads by walk-ins only and the business was really challenging.

Business Solution

To improve the business and make the business easy Inzinc team made a contract with Biztechnosys team. The Biztechnosys team found the solution for their problems with open source Vtiger CRM and customized according to their requirements and found the solution for their Business Such as. Using BizCRM which is the solution for their entire problem The Inzinc team is able to store their entire customer details and with their date of certification that will give popup reminders for the user and Email/SMS notification for the customers as well Using BizCRM Inzinc teams are able to give the quotation to the customers. The Inzinc team will be able to store the complete details of their product. All this together make easy for Inzinc to manage their Different services.


Entire business cooperation process is seamless, fully supervised and controlled to enable project completion on time and in line with the set goals.

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