Custom Contract and plan management system for big real estate company

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2 Technical agency fail to provide the solution and we have less time to implement the complex solution


Due to short span of time we have decided to use open source CRM Vtiger for this requirement. We customize the features according to the requirement and deliver the solution on time as expected.


Centralize and streamline distributed business applications for the client

Fully automated contract management software that can be customized as per client needs

Complete investment information management

Our solution

The custom enterprise system that we have Provided where client is a consolidated platform where clients and investor interact with the office staff to be able to manage business investment contract, Manage recurring payment, manage amount receivable and payable. In order to streamline and automate the entire system we have distributed it into various sub parts.

Security - Login using user thumb and OTP.

Business associates

Business associates and plot is an investment plan. Customer invest the amount and get interest according 3% to 5 % of the investment amount. System Generate agreement with terms and condition of both the party, system makes the interest payment after 30 days on monthly basis subscription.

Invoice - Application has facility to generate various format Invoice.

Payment Automation

System calculates the interest based on configuration and send payment to customer bank account.

Reminder - Notification and reminder will work automatically using workflow.

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